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Connect the dog to the belt which has a built in shock absorber.


Softbelt Reflex is the bestseller of BAGGEN skijor and canicross belts. Around the belt it's a very strong reflective tape, which makes you appear incredibly good if you are running on the street.


Softbelt Reflex is also equipped with attachment points for "leg loops" (Art.2250), this is to help keep the belt down on the hip.


Baggen Softbelt fits all dog people and seasons! Regardless of how you plan to exercise with your dog, Baggen Softbelt is the right option. Skijor, Nordic walking, running, hunting or just a walk - Baggen Softbelt makes anything possible. Attach your leash in a Baggen Softbelt and get your hands free.


The expander which is built into the belt takes care of any pressure and protects your arms and shoulders. Available in two different hardnesses, X1 and X2.


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An elastic leash that relieve pressures from the dog.


An elastic leash that relieve pressures from the dog. The built in shock absorber protects both your arms and shoulders as well as the dog's neck.


Baggen Expandable Leash is available in four different lengths and in five different color combinations


Colors: Black, black-blue, black-olive, black-red & black-purple.


Length: 1m, 2m, 3m or 4m.

Width: 25mm.


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Skijor line with bungee!


BAGGEN® Skijor Line gives smooth and comfortable cushioning, primarily for skiing with the dog. The expander is fastened inside the woven tube band.


Art: 2551 - BAGGEN® Skijor Line - BGB Hook

Art: 2552 - BAGGEN® Skijor Line - Snap Hook Brass


Hook: Supplied with either BGB-hook (swedish hook) or snap hook in brass.


Lenght: 2,40m. Expands to 2,90m fully extended!


Width: 25mm.


Color: Black.


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Baggenprodukter HB is a manufacturing company located in the north of Sweden. The company produces and sells dog and hunting equipment, as skijor and canicross belts, leashes, gun slings, cartridge holders and much more. BAGGEN® are also distributors (in Sweden, Norway & Finland) of the Italian Sled Dog brand, NEEWA - Sport and utility dog gear.